Why I think “1%” rule is actually not good and how to make it better

There are multiple articles referencing a popular book/talk/video saying that only by doing one thing a day you can get better at it. Whether it is reading 1 single page of a book or starting with 30 mins walks or just watching a video about your favorite topic and I agree with that. With just small activities, you can start learning new things that will cumulate over time.

So, why is it not good then? So, imagine someone who wants to become a better version of themselves. Yet, they don’t know where to start with. They try different things: reading books, starting a gym, or watching a video about something they want to learn about. But it does not become a habit: they either give up or don’t find the topic interesting in the long run and give up. After applying this method over and over and failing comes the failure mentality. “I can’t improve myself, I am not good enough, why I can’t learn” and so on. This is the part that I find unhealthy about this approach.

My suggestion? See, all those failures are actual learnings. You tried and failed and voila you are actually 1% better already because you know something you did not yesterday or all those times before. Now the question you need to ask yourself: Do I want to pursue what I am doing and see why I am failing? or should I admit that I don't like what I am doing and find something else? This is personal growth. Knowing yourself, being aware of what you like, and understanding your motivations are also skills that you can also get better at on a daily basis.

So, instead of just focusing on doing something small and forcing yourself to do something every day; just keep in mind thinking is also an activity to get better at. Becoming a better listener, and being nice to others are also things that your cat get a lot better every single day. Even being kinder to you is a great skill.

In the end, don’t approach this method as if it is something that you need to learn to make more money or to learn a new “skill” that will only help you in your work life. This method applies to everything in “life”. Just don’t forget: Learning is not just about work, life is about learning as well and getting better at life? Oh, it is a great skill.



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