Do we need a framework for everything?

Working in tech, dealing with different organizations as a consultant, I came to a realization that people are looking for solutions like pills. “Give me something that works today!”. People are either done trying or not interested in giving a thought to things going on.

Therefore, people seek very structured information. Agile is a good example of this. Even though it is just a framework that needs to be adjusted for each culture individually, organizations tend to take it just as is. Because it is simple.

What is the problem with that? The problem is, shiny names are just misleading. Nobody wants to be wrong and therefore they seek something that works. If someone’s thoughts sound untested or not signed by other people, meaning not streamlined, they are not worth hearing.

There are many different frameworks for change management, development methodologies, or product development. What do they have in common? They are not new. They have been always there. They are not a product of genius. They are coming from people, we wanted to make information compact so that it is easily digestible and available for further thinking. Still, what happens is they are taken as-is and if you are not following a framework, you are not a cool kid.

Should you be following a framework or not is not the point. The point is, just because ideas are not fitting into frameworks, they should not be disregarded. Frameworks are there to create flexibility.



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